InVEST Risk Model ®

TJT's proprietary tool for superior investment solutions.

InVEST Risk Model ®

InVEST is an acronym for the 5 key indicators that really matter and signal the true direction and health of the market.

Interest Rates
Economic Cycle
Technical Factors

S&P 500 Price Index

It's about how much you make in a bull market, and how much you keep in a bear market.

Rise Above The Crowd

The Majority underperform because they follow conventional wisdom

TJT knows that to win in investing you must be invested when conditions are right, and look to protect money when those conditions turn negative. Our InVEST Risk Model ® helps us determine when to make investment changes.

TJT does not follow the crowd or conventional wisdom because that produces poor outcomes in performance.

  • We do not believe in “buy & hold” as that will crush you in a bear market
  • We do not advocate “alternative” investments as they generally lose in bull markets

Put our InVEST Risk Model ® to work for you.

TJT Capital Group helps you participate in markets when conditions are right and looks to protect your money when those conditions change. With experience in building a billion dollar business for a large institution, we bring expertise to managing portfolios to help our clients meet their goals.

A unique perspective on the health of markets.

Your circumstances are personal, so your investment strategy should be as well.

We think differently because conventional wisdom is often proved wrong.

InVEST Risk Model ® - The TJT Difference

Investing is not easy. Too often people invest looking through the rear-view mirror, or based upon current headlines, preconceived notions or predictions.

Successful investing involves knowing what moves markets.

You need to have an edge and separate the signals from the noise. TJT’s management team has a combined 80+ years of investment and client service experience. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

  • A study of a 25-year period found that Fortune Magazine’s least admired companies outperformed the most admired companies. Higher admiration was followed by lower returns.
  • The best consecutive 4-year stock market return was during the Great Depression.
  • Over the past 60 years, stocks have had better returns when the unemployment rate is above 8% than when unemployment is 4%.

A Wealth of Experience

The 80+ years of experience of the TJT Managing Partners are put to use in the TJT portfolio decision-making process. With experience in building a billion dollar business, we are confident that we can help you.

A vast majority of our clients have been with their TJT advisor for over a decade and their relationships continue to grow through referrals from family and friends.


James A. Cook, CFP®

Timothy McFadden, CFP®