Is It Wrong To Want Better Returns?

85 out of 100 investors consistently underperform in good markets and challenging ones because they operate with faulty assumptions about what really matters.

We can help improve your results. The opportunities have never been greater.

We are TJT Capital Group, a fee-only SEC-Registered Investment Advisor firm based in Stamford, CT. Our founding partners boast 80+ years of combined investing experience.

Our Reason For Success:  TJT’s InVEST Risk Model®

Investing is challenging.  Many investors are unaware of the variables that truly move markets.  As a result, they tend to do what others do, which is often influenced by predictions, narratives, opinions, and biases. This produces poor results as seen in the DALBAR chart.

At TJT, our InVEST Risk Model® focuses on 5 key indicators that really matter.  We focus on the conditions that produce wealth and filter the “noise” coming from the street.


TJT Capital Group specializes in money management and our goal is to convert our edge into making money for our clients that can provide a lifetime of financial security.
Unlike many in the financial industry, the reason for our success is that we are not weighed down by outdated theories or false assumptions.

We use our proprietary InVEST Risk Model ® to construct portfolios to help our clients achieve their goals. If you are serious about your money you will focus on the things
that really matter and eliminate everything else.

It’s time to break away from the crowd; the opportunities have never been greater.

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The Five Indicators You Need To Know

Interested in how the InVEST Risk Model works? At TJT Capital we value transparency. That’s why we have created a whitepaper for our clients, titled What Every Investor Needs To Know. It articulates exactly what the five key indicators are — and why they are fundamental to making sound investment decisions.

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