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Worry less with our proprietary InVEST Risk Model®

What is the InVEST Risk Model® ?

InVEST is an acronym for the 5 key variables that really matter and signal the true direction and health of the market.

Worry less about your portfolio with our unique InVEST Risk Model ®

Learn How it Works – and Why.

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Be Better – Not Average

The following chart by DALBAR, the nation’s leading financial services market research firm,
confirms that a vast majority of investors do not do as well as they could.Rather than being influenced by opinions, narratives, predictions or biases, our InVEST Risk Model ® is a better approach.
We separate signals – what really matters – from noise.

Make Money… and Protect What We Have Made

“Investing isn’t easy. Bull markets and bear markets are part of investing reality. Add to that the fact that investors are often influenced by the crowd, and you begin to understand why so many struggle.” Tim McMullan – Partner

“We want to make money in bull markets, but more importantly, protect what we have made to avoid the devastation of a bear market.” Tim McFadden – Partner

Proven Insights

February 1, 2018

DJIA 26,186.71

After going well over a year without even a 3 percent pullback, there are signs that have been present prior to episodes of market turbulence in the past.

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July 5, 2016

DJIA 17,840.62

If those earnings come in and the price/earnings ratio remains at current levels, the market could see a low double-digit gain from here.

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DJIA 16,899.32

The combination of our five key variables keeps our risk “Traffic Light” in “green light” territory and we expect higher prices.

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DJIA 16,351.38

We view this move as a correction in a bull market and recommend adding to positions on weakness.

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August 2018 Insights

The equity market rallied in July despite the fact that the official trade war with China commenced on July 6, […]

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Leading Economic Index (LEI)

The LEI is a subcomponent in the Economic cycle indicator in TJT’s proprietary InVEST Risk Model ®.

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July 2018 Insights

Ongoing trade tensions dominated the headlines and market action in the month of June as concerns mounted that any tariffs […]

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